Welcome to 2020 (….TAKE 2)

Monday 04 May 2020

After being on the road to glory in early 2020, it’s fair to say that Covid-19 put the handbrake on the property market this quarter.  But with today’s announcements and the lifting of some restrictions, we are able to move into the next phase of 2020. In breaking news, the real estate industry has just received the go-ahead to conduct open homes and auctions, although large groups inspecting would unlikely continue while the coronavirus risk remains. Still, this is welcome news ....

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Quality over Quantity. How to sell for top dollar in a once in a century health emergency

Tuesday 07 Apr 2020

With 2020 set to be the year of recovery, it could now be described in Queen Elizabeth’s famous words as an “Annus Horribilis”. As Covid-19 sweeps the globe affecting almost every country and continent known to man, lockdown, hibernation & flattening the curve have become the new lingo that rolls off the tongue daily. But in all the chaos, the property market in Sydney stays buoyant, as housing is and always will be an “essential service”. People need to buy, se ....

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When it comes to the property market, hindsight is a beautiful thing

Tuesday 25 Feb 2020

Property markets rise and fall but picking the right time to buy and sell can sometimes be anyone’s guess.  Right now the market is high and sellers are rushing to get their homes on the market in order to obtain a great price whilst the market is in their favour.  Predicting how long the high market will last is the hard bit, because once it swings in the favour of the buyer, it can be a long road back. However the turnaround from 2019 to 2020 has been remarkable and and exactly ....

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New decade, new demand. Why properties will sell faster in 2020

Thursday 16 Jan 2020

Click and collect, on demand, swap & go, add to cart….. sound familiar?  E-commerce is taking over the world and when shopping for a home it’s no different.  The internet has become an essential and indispensable tool in the home search process with nearly 100% of home buyers using it to search for a new home.   But when it comes to timing, the online space has shed light years off the process of buying a home.  Buyers can now have a contract in their inbox be ....

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2019 the year that was

Tuesday 10 Dec 2019

Well 2019 had it all! Most definitely a year of ups and downs, never quite before have I seen the property market affected by a triple whammy like this one -  a Royal Commission into the banking sector, a federal election and property bubble that burst,  all at the same time. The most affected months were May, June & July, where a lot of sellers found themselves “up ‘Ship Creek’ without a paddle”.  Although if buying and selling in the same market there ....

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When money can buy you a licence to sell, it’s no wonder agents continue to fail the ethics test

Friday 15 Nov 2019

The Governance Institute has just released its Ethics Index 2019 and the real estate industry doesn’t fare too well in the wash. That’s nothing new and throughout my career I’ve often sighed at the result.  It’s no surprise why things aren’t improving as back in my day (1989), it took 3 years to get a real estate licence; these days it takes 3 days. About 7 years ago I took myself off to do a licence refresh, and attended the new 3 day course.  The course ....

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Buyers loosen their belts ahead of year 2020

Thursday 10 Oct 2019

Sydney’s property market is in for interesting times over the next three years with industry sources reporting that house prices could return to peak levels and the pressure is now back on buyers looking to get into the market.   A recent run of interest rate cuts and lower stock levels has brought about fierce competition at local auctions, with most properties reported as selling “well over reserve” as buyers fight to secure properties before the market rises again. &nbs ....

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When a downturn switches to an upswing, readiness is the key!

Wednesday 18 Sep 2019

With renewed demand in the Sydney property market after one of the largest corrections in 20 years, it’s a great time for families to upgrade before the next big boom. But with very low stock levels right now, families will need to move fast, and that means being able to jump on the right property pronto. All too often though, the perfect house will come and go, as people hesitate to get their finance and current property in order and they can end up missing the boat.  My advice is to ....

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You snooze you lose... why the early bird catches the worm

Friday 06 Sep 2019

Have you ever found a property that ticks all the boxes only to discover it’s been sold before you could blink?   Most sellers go to market very motivated with the aim of getting their properties sold, at a great price and in good time.  After all, they fork out thousands of dollars for photos, internet ads, brochures and signboards, and have to spend the next four weeks knowing that spotless isn’t good enough when it comes to open houses and often having to clear out the f ....

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Spring is around the corner…. and the market is bouncing back!

Wednesday 14 Aug 2019

As I predicted about 8 weeks ago, July 2019 saw the bottom of the market.  Unlike previous years where Winter suffered from low stock levels and therefore produced fantastic results, this year we have seen a great deal of “panic listing” and this actually made conditions worse for sellers causing a rock bottom market. Several major events in the last couple of weeks have now restored confidence for buyers and has produced an upswing in prices.  In particular the banks have ....

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