Quality over Quantity. How to sell for top dollar in a once in a century health emergency

With 2020 set to be the year of recovery, it could now be described in Queen Elizabeth’s famous words as an “Annus Horribilis”. As Covid-19 sweeps the globe affecting almost every country and continent known to man, lockdown, hibernation & flattening the curve have become the new lingo that rolls off the tongue daily.

But in all the chaos, the property market in Sydney stays buoyant, as housing is and always will be an “essential service”. People need to buy, sell, rent and relocate every week.  Whether that’s due to work or family, need or want, everyone requires a roof over their head and a home, besides health, is the largest form of security that any person can have.

The real estate industry has therefore adapted to the current conditions quickly and already being a largely online industry, there haven’t been that many changes.  Buyers can still browse properties online, cast their eye over photos and floor plans, speak to agents via email or phone and order building & strata reports online.  With the introduction of PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) in 2010, settlements these days largely occur electronically.  So the whole process is very “do-able” from start to finish.

The biggest change has been the cancelling of open houses and public auctions, and therefore Agents aren’t seeing the numbers we are used to.  But experienced Agents are using this time to pre-qualify very carefully those who enquire about their properties, and in doing so are discovering only the most motivated buyers in the marketplace.  The ability to match just one pre-qualified buyer to the house of their dreams is bringing not only quick success to Vendors but sales at top dollar.

To speak with me about the sale of your property in 2020, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 0431 701 216.  I have achieved some amazing results for my Vendors in the last 4 weeks and look forward to discussing a selling strategy with you too.