Getting real – does property styling attract more buyers and result in a higher sale price when selling your home?

Along with “what is my home worth?”, this is probably the most asked question from home owners who are thinking of selling and really the two questions go hand in hand.

Everyone knows that first impressions count and good presentation can make a difference in attracting more people to your home, and with about 30 days to find your buyer, property styling can help ensure that your home is on a buyers inspection shortlist, right from the get-go.

The first time that a potential buyer will see your property in 2018 is online, as they scour through the newest listings across multiple websites. So a great tip before you think about whether or not to hire a professional stylist is to take some photos of your home yourself and place them on your computer or mobile device and see how they compare to your competition online. Things to look for are large furniture items making a room look smaller than it really is, or dark furniture absorbing the eye so that other features of the room are missed.  Too many patterns can make a room look cluttered, and some furniture (no matter how comfy) can make a space look dated and worn. You then need to ask yourself, “is this the right first impression for buyers?”

It can be hard to quantify how investing in the styling of your home can change your sale price, but what we do know is that homes that are styled generally attract more buyers and sell faster. It’s also a job that with a bit of research you can take on yourself, or you can hire a professional.