If you’re on the property buying treadmill, it’s time to get real estate fit

If you’re getting nowhere fast with your pre-auction offers and have a regular “the one that got away” story, you might need to overhaul your buying strategy.  Because sooner or later, yesterday’s price might just look like a bargain.

You’re finance ready, have made your shortlist, know what you like, are firm on location, and boom – you’ve found the right home. So what now?

Communication is the key, and knowing the Agent’s rules is the first step to buying before auction, so make sure you ask what they are. Understanding and accepting that the Agent represents the Seller at all times is a key part of the offer process, because the Agent will always follow instructions from their Seller, in other words, you need to accept that they will call the shots. 

It’s also important to understand that in todays’ market there are usually more buyers than sellers, which means that you will most likely have some competition. Too many times Agents see buyers disbelieve that others are interested, so they employ delay tactics or put forward low offers, but these methods simply won’t work and will put you straight back on the open for inspection treadmill. 

Every Seller has their price, and put simply it’s the Agent’s job to get it.  If you’ve conducted your research and weighed up your competition, it’s now time to put your best unconditional offer forward, which will win almost every time.