Is your home #hashtag and Instaready?

Social media is a powerful marketing platform for most business and an important part of the marketing mix when selling your home.  It is quickly becoming the platform of choice for real estate agents in Australia because of its highly visual nature and its ability to bring a home’s story to life.

80% or 8 in 10 people use social media and 67% or two thirds of consumers trust a brand that engages positively on social media.

Where selling your home and social media combine is that both get personal. The ability for agents to post up front and personal snippets of a home such as a bespoke door handle, stained glass window or intricate curtain tie which buyers might not see on the more traditional real estate websites, allows the agent to grab the emotional side of a buyer instantly.  Agents can post several photos throughout your selling campaign to keep up the emotional interest in your home and this no doubt becomes a strategic part of your marketing program.

Getting your home social media ready is easy but means that you’ll need to employ a social media ready Agent.  So make sure when interviewing, to ask Agents about their social media expertise or jump onto their pages to see how effectively they are using their social media platforms.  It can make a huge difference in 2018 to the online exposure of your property, and in a competitive market must be taken #seriously