When a downturn switches to an upswing, readiness is the key!

With renewed demand in the Sydney property market after one of the largest corrections in 20 years, it’s a great time for families to upgrade before the next big boom. But with very low stock levels right now, families will need to move fast, and that means being able to jump on the right property pronto.

All too often though, the perfect house will come and go, as people hesitate to get their finance and current property in order and they can end up missing the boat.  My advice is to get sale ready now, so that you can buy and sell in the same period without a whole heap of stress.

With auction clearance rates now on the rise and sitting at a very strong 80%, prices are beginning to rebound and with fewer properties on the market the competition will become fierce.  Where most hesitate in this climate is when they are not ready to pull the trigger on their current home and get it on the market.

Factors like overdue maintenance, presentation and the cost of marketing the property can also be a roadblock but it needn’t be. This is where your Agent becomes your best friend!

After such a long time in the industry I have a trusted list of tradies (roofers, painters, plasterers, chippies, sparkies & gardeners) and they are always ready to assist my clients prepare their homes for sale.  When it comes to styling you have a couple of options, so please talk to me about my free “Style Me Up” property styling service, which can simply take your property to the next level at absolutely no cost.  My broker Mike Davies can assist you with a pre-approved loan so you know your limits and can start looking before runaway prices pose a challenge to the whole exercise of upgrading.