When the going gets tough… the tough get a Buyers’ Agent

Contribution by Veronica MacDonald, Inner West Specialist Buyers’ Agent, Cohen Handler


A question that we are commonly asked is when should I consider engaging a buyers’ agent? Clients engage us at very different stages of their property search. For some it maybe as soon as they make the conscious decision to buy a property and for others it may be after searching for periods greater than 12 months.


Those who make the decision to engage our services may do so because they have missed out at auction on more than one occasion, have been looking for a long time without success, first home buyers or people who have not been in the market for a number of years and become overwhelmed by the process. Or families who simply cannot put the time aside to find the right home or logistically cannot get to multiple open houses for reasons such as having young children or weekend sport commitments.


The areas that we can help our clients are being able to source property from three different channels; off-market, pre-market and on-market, helping our clients understand what a property is worth by looking at both comparable sales and current market activity but most importantly helping our clients secure with confidence the best possible property, within their budget.


In a nutshell our service starts with search and research, shortlisting, identifying the right property, assisting with the due diligence, negotiation then onto the legal exchange of contracts, pre-settlement inspection, settlement and post-settlement care.


As with any property purchase, there is a fair level of context and background involved. It is important that your buyers’ agent understands you, your specific objectives and requirements ( both long and short term ) in depth, and for you to decide if you the buyers’ agent is the right fit to work with in order to help you achieve your investment goals and objectives.


If you have any questions please call Veronica on 0414 427 221